Copier Security: Four Ways to Keep Safe

Secure documents with digital lock symbol.

Ever walked up to your copier, expecting to find your latest report, only to discover a guide on copier security instead? Sounds like a scene from a tech thriller, doesn’t it?


Yet, for many, this became a reality when CyberNews took control of nearly 28,000 unsecured copiers


Their message? The risks are real.


Why Should You Care?


Did you know that out of 800,000 internet-connected copiers globally, a staggering 447,000 might be unsecured? That’s more than half! And while the CyberNews breach was a friendly wake-up call, not all hackers have such benign intentions. So, what’s stopping them from accessing your copier next? 


What’s the Worst That Could Happen?


You might think, “It’s just a copier, right?” But what if I told you that your copier could be the weakest link in your security chain? From outdated firmware to default passwords, many copiers are a goldmine for potential attackers. 


And it’s not just about unauthorised print jobs. Imagine sensitive information intercepted or malicious software infiltrating your entire network through an unsecured copier. Scary, isn’t it?


But Wait, There’s More!


Beyond the obvious vulnerabilities, there’s a world of hidden risks lurking in your copier. Ever left a document in the print queue and forgotten about it? Or considered that your copier’s hard drive might be storing a treasure trove of data? 


Even the temporary cache can be a potential goldmine for hackers. And with copiers now part of the vast IoT landscape, they can be the perfect backdoor into your network.


Copier Security: How Do You Fight Back?


  1. Regular Firmware Updates: Think of this as your copier’s immune system. Keep it robust and updated. And if there’s an option for automatic updates, grab it with both hands!
  2. Strong Passwords: Ditch those default passwords. Go for something unique and beefy. And if your copier offers multi-factor authentication, it’s like adding an extra bolt to your door.
  3. Secure Your Printer Networks: Encryption is your friend. Use it. And while you’re at it, give your copier network configurations a once-over. Make sure only the good guys can get in.
  4. Secure Print Release: It’s like a secret handshake for your documents. Technologies like PaperCut ensure that your print jobs only go to the intended recipient. No more “lost” documents or prying eyes.


The Bottom Line


Copiers might seem like innocuous devices sitting in the corner of your office, but in the digital age, they’re as crucial to your security as any computer or server. 


By understanding the risks and taking proactive steps, you can ensure that your copier remains a tool for productivity, not a gateway for hackers. Stay safe, stay updated, and let’s keep those hackers at bay!

If you have any concerns about copier security, the experts at Evolve Document Solutions would be happy to help.