Mother Nature and The Sustainable Secrets of Office Morale and Productivity

Green office space with plants and natural elements enhancing productivity.

Incorporating nature into the workplace may seem like a trendy sustainability initiative, but it goes beyond that – nature has a profound effect on our well-being and emotions. 


In fact, research suggests that exposure to nature can significantly boost employee performance and morale. However, the challenge lies in finding affordable and practical ways to introduce these natural elements into the office environment.


Office Morale and Productivity Research Findings 


Studies were conducted across various countries, and the results were strikingly consistent. Even small doses of nature at work positively impacted employees’ feelings and productivity. Tasks were performed better, helpfulness increased, and creativity received a significant boost. Moreover, there were no negative impacts on employees, making micro-nature an attractive proposition for all.


Companies need not limit these experiences to the select few working near rooftop parks or green spaces. Instead, they can offer micro-nature experiences to all employees. Whether it’s real elements like indoor water features and windows with nature views or artificial depictions like murals and fake flowers – both can provide a natural boost.


Office Morale and Productivity Beyond the Office?


Employees in settings far removed from nature, like warehouses or manufacturing units, can derive immense benefits from even a hint of the outdoors brought indoors.


Beyond the workplace, encouraging employees to spend time outdoors in the evening can result in increased productivity the next day. For hybrid and remote workers, this carries over, as the benefits of nature at home positively impact their work performance.


Micro-nature isn’t about massive overhauls; it’s about making simple and affordable changes:


  • Adding natural tones to a wall
  • placing flowers in the break room, or 
  • enhancing the area outside employees’ windows with landscaping 


Several steps combined can add up to significantly boost morale.


Incorporating micro-nature into the workplace is not just about sustainability – it’s about enhancing employee well-being and job performance. For organisations that already offer meaningful work, fair compensation, and respectful treatment, nature can be a valuable supplement. 

You can capitalise on these small, nature-filled additions to create a greener and more productive office environment.