Check These 4 Office Requirements Before You Buy Your Next Multifunction Printing Device

Office requirements for you Multifunction printer

So, you’re in the market for a multifunction printer (MFP)? Exciting times! But wait, before you jump in, have you considered what exactly you need from this machine? Let’s break down your office requirements.


1. Organisational Needs


First things first, what does your organisation truly need?


Speed: Ever been stuck waiting for a document to print? It’s not just about how fast the printer spits out paper. It’s also about how quickly it processes the data. If your network is a bit on the slow side, it might be the culprit behind those long waits. So, ask yourself, how fast do you need your documents?


Printing Preferences: Think about the types of documents you’re printing. Are they mostly large projects? Maybe you need an additional paper feed cabinet. Or perhaps you’re into fancy finishes like stapling or booklet form? There’s an MFP for that. And let’s not forget about colour. If you’re all about getting that perfect shade, a fiery-driven colour copier might be your best bet.


2. Security Needs


Did you know that printers can be a security risk? Yep, it’s true. Just like any other device on your network, they can be vulnerable. 


How can you combat this? By ensuring your MFP has top-notch security features. Think key-card access or network credentials. Not only does this prevent unauthorised printing (and save paper), but it also keeps those confidential documents safe from prying eyes. And remember, always choose a partner who knows their stuff when it comes to security.


3. Office Requirements: Buying or Leasing


Cashflow is king, right? So, when it comes to getting your hands on an MFP, do you buy or lease? 


If you’ve got the funds and operate on a capital expense model, buying might be the way to go. But if you’re all about those consistent monthly payments and keeping cash free for other things, leasing could be your best friend. It’s all about what suits your organisation’s financial model.


4. Support Needs


Imagine this: your MFP breaks down in the middle of a big project. Nightmare, right? That’s why support is crucial. 


You need a partner who’s on the ball. Someone who can swoop in and save the day when things go wrong. And not just in a “we’ll get there when we can” kind of way. 


We’re talking fast response times and top-notch maintenance. (Did someone say ‘Evolve Document Solutions’? We’re blushing!) Because let’s face it, you can’t afford to be without your MFP for long.



Why Be an Educated Buyer?


So, why all this fuss about being informed? Because an MFP is more than just a printer. It’s a vital tool for your organisation. Whether you’re printing, copying, faxing, or scanning, you need a machine that’s up to the task. And not just any machine, but the right machine. One that fits your needs, your budget, and your organisation like a glove. So, when you’re ready to make that purchase, make sure you’ve done your homework. Your future self will thank you.