Enhance Your Office Productivity With Our User-Friendly Photocopier Hacks

photocopier hacks

Have you ever stood by the office photocopier, drumming your fingers impatiently as it churns out documents at a snail’s pace? Or perhaps you’ve been the unfortunate soul dealing with a paper jam at the worst possible moment? Looks like you might need some photocopier hacks!


In today’s fast-paced workplace, every second counts, and dealing with slow printing speeds, paper jams, and connectivity issues can be frustrating and disruptive. But don’t worry, with a few smart photocopier hacks, you can turn your photocopier into a beacon of efficiency. Let’s explore some essential photocopier productivity hacks to optimise your office’s printing capabilities.


Of course, your first hack is to make sure that your managed print service provider is as informed, approachable, and proactive as Evolve. Although they are few and far between, we’ll assume you too have a gem of a photocopier provider. 😉


So, what should be next in your inefficiency purge?


A Comprehensive Plan for Photocopier Efficiency


1. Assessment and Optimisation


Start with an Audit

Conducting an audit is essential. By tracking usage and identifying frequently printed documents, you can discern whether electronic alternatives could suffice. Notice those recurring jams and error messages? They’re telling you something needs to change.


Match Devices to Needs

Not all departments are created equal. A small team may thrive with a multi-function unit, whereas a bustling department might need something more robust. Don’t overlook special functions like collating, stapling, or hole-punching – they might be indispensable for some.


Location, Location, Location

Where you place your devices can be as important as the devices themselves. A centrally located printer reduces time spent walking to and from the machine while considering noise levels and accessibility.


Network Connectivity

In our connected world, your printers must keep up. Ensuring seamless wireless printing and robust network infrastructure is non-negotiable.


2. Maintenance and Supplies


Preventive Care

A stitch in time saves nine, and this is especially true for printers. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent the majority of common errors. And when things get too technical, having a service contract in place can save you from prolonged downtime.


Consumable Management

Ever run out of toner at a critical moment? It’s avoidable. By tracking usage and opting into programs that send cartridges before they run dry, you maintain a continuous workflow. (Evolve Document Solutions track and order your consumables remotely to minimise disruption.)


3. User Training and Best Practices


Education is Key

Well-informed staff are efficient staff. Providing clear instructions and easily accessible reference guides for common features and troubleshooting reduces frustration and downtime.


Empower Staff

Simple tasks like jam-clearing and toner replacement can be easily handled by staff, freeing up time and resources for more complex issues.


Encourage Smart Habits

Encouraging a culture of mindful printing with reminders to consider if printing is necessary and promoting eco-friendly practices like double-sided printing can have a significant impact.


4. Technology Upgrades and Future Planning


Cloud Printing

The ability to send work to printers while out of the office makes location less of a barrier and enhances flexibility.


Software Solutions

Print management software can revolutionise how you handle your printing needs. From tracking usage to implementing secure print release, it’s a game-changer.


Lease vs. Purchase

Finally, consider whether leasing or purchasing equipment is more cost-effective for your business. Each has its benefits, so weigh them according to your needs. 


Additional Tips


– Keep supplies like toner and paper centralised and monitored.

– Be energy conscious. Many modern printers offer eco-modes and power-saving settings.




Remember, technology should serve the office, not the other way around. By conducting regular checks, having a solid plan for supplies, and empowering your staff, you can transform your office printers and copiers into productivity tools, not frustration. So, next time you approach that office printer, remember these hacks and watch your workplace efficiency soar!