Stiletto Warning: The Risk of Misusing Photocopiers for UK Office Workers

Evolve Document Solutions Make Stiletto Warning

Evolve Document Solutions has warned UK office workers against the practice of sitting on photocopiers whilst wearing stiletto shoes. 

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Our warning comes in response to a promotional photoshoot featuring American model and actress Emily Ratajkowski perched on a photocopier for British Vogue. 

The image clearly shows the narrow point of Emily’s stiletto heel, risking undue pressure on the photocopier’s glass surface. This kind of pressure could easily cause the glass to crack or shatter.

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We’re concerned that such high-profile actions might make hardware misuse seem acceptable in UK offices. It’s reckless and alarming to see public figures engaging in unsafe practices. This not only glamourises dangerous behaviour but also sends the wrong message to people who might think it’s OK to misuse office equipment.

To counteract this, we’ve designed and produced a free warning sign that you can print off and place near photocopiers in your office. The sign is intended to serve as a helpful reminder of the dangers of standing on office equipment, particularly when wearing stiletto heels.

We’ve taken the initiative to create a warning sign that anyone can easily share, print, and place near photocopiers. It’s our way of doing something tangible to deter people from putting their health and safety at risk, as well as potentially damaging valuable office equipment.

While the photoshoot has earned global praise for its creativity and flair, we believe it’s crucial to maintain safe working environments in the UK. Glamorous portrayals like this could inadvertently undermine years of progress in office safety standards.

Current health and safety guidelines clearly state that sitting on a photocopier while wearing stilettos poses multiple risks. These include exceeding the weight limits of the equipment, risking electrical malfunctions, and increasing the chances of slips or falls.

We wish Vogue the best of luck with their office move. Office moves can be stressful and often provide the perfect opportunity to reassess your office hardware requirements. We’d love to offer Condé Nast our best advice. They seem like good people, and we’re sure they’d agree: we can’t let a few minutes of publicity set a dangerous precedent. Safety in the workplace is a collective responsibility, and we all must do our part to protect office workers.”

Our stiletto warning signs are available for free download, serving as a proactive step in reinforcing responsible behaviour in the workplace.

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